Centurion Invest Media Kit

1. What is the project, and what problem does it solve?

 Centurion Invest strives to empower individuals and businesses by offering a comprehensive suite of financial services that leverage the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Centurion Invest is a global fintech platform that operates with regulated licenses in Europe – in Lithuania and Poland, and has offices and footprints globally including the Middle East, Africa, Canada, Southeast Asia, and LATAM countries. The company's primary mission is to promote financial freedom for the next Billion by driving the mass adoption of digital assets (cryptocurrency) and blockchain technology.

CI offers a comprehensive ecosystem that bridges the gap between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The platform provides a wide range of services and financial solutions to its users. Here are some of the key offerings:

  • CI Exchange: This is Centurion Invest's crypto trading platform, where users can buy, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies. It serves as a marketplace for digital assets.
  • CIX Crypto VISA Card: Centurion offers its users a crypto Visa card, allowing them to spend their cryptocurrencies in real-world scenarios where Visa cards are accepted. This provides a convenient way to utilize digital assets for everyday transactions.
  • CI360: This is Centurion's enterprise payments solution, which offers a comprehensive range of payment services to businesses. It includes features like payments clearing, cross-border payments, disbursements, and e-commerce gateways. CI360 enables enterprises to leverage blockchain technology for efficient and secure financial operations.
  • CI Pay: Centurion's seamless peer-to-peer payment solution that facilitates easy and secure transactions between individuals. CI Pay aims to provide a user-friendly and efficient platform for transferring funds using cryptocurrencies.


In addition to these services, Centurion Invest positions itself as a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform that specializes in digital asset trading, card issuance, payment clearing, cross-border payments, disbursements, and payment gateways & processing. The company serves as a global multi-asset solution provider for individuals, retailers, solopreneurs and enterprises operating in the blockchain space.


Financial freedom for the next billion


Enable limitless, borderless payments and financial services instantly and provide large access to digital assets and financial solutions globally

Our Values

Our Vision of Financial freedom for the next billion encompasses our goal of empowering and providing economic opportunities to the large population of underserved individuals who currently lack access to traditional financial services. This includes people in developing countries, marginalized communities, and those who are financially excluded or underserved. Achieving financial freedom for the next billion requires a multi-faceted approach that combines innovative technology, inclusive financial services, education, and empowerment. By addressing the barriers that limit access to financial services and providing opportunities for economic growth, it is possible to create a more equitable and inclusive global financial system.


The concept of financial freedom for the next billion encompasses several key elements:

  • Access to Basic Financial Services: Many individuals in underserved communities lack access to basic financial services such as banking and payment systems. Financial freedom aims to provide these individuals with affordable and accessible financial tools to manage their money and payments effectively.
  • Digital Financial Inclusion: With the rapid advancement of technology, digital financial services have the potential to reach previously unbanked populations. Mobile payments, digital wallets, and other fintech solutions can enable individuals to access financial services conveniently and securely, even in remote areas.
  • Fintech Ecosystem and platforms: play a vital role in providing financial services such as payments enabling and processing to entrepreneurs and small businesses that may not qualify for traditional services ease off the operational requirements and cost. By expanding digital financial  initiatives, financial freedom can support economic growth and entrepreneurship in underserved communities.
  • Education and Financial Literacy: Promoting financial literacy and providing education on financial management is crucial for achieving financial freedom. By equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions, they can better navigate the financial landscape and improve their economic well-being.
  • Empowerment through Technology: Leveraging technological innovations, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, can open up new opportunities for financial freedom. These technologies can enable secure and efficient transactions, facilitate remittances, and provide alternative financial systems for those excluded from traditional banking.
  • Entrepreneurship and Job Creation: Encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting job creation initiatives are essential for fostering economic empowerment. By promoting an environment that encourages innovation, startups, and small businesses, financial freedom can generate economic opportunities and reduce dependency on traditional employment structures.

2. What are the utilities of CIX token?

Centurion Invest's ecosystem is supported by its native ERC20 token called $CIX. This token operates on the Ethereum blockchain and follows a deflationary model. By utilizing $CIX within the ecosystem, users can access several benefits and perks. Here are some of the advantages associated with $CIX:

  • Loyalty Rewards: Users who hold and use $CIX within the Centurion Invest ecosystem can earn loyalty rewards. These rewards may come in various forms, such as additional tokens or exclusive benefits.
  • Referral Bonuses: By referring new users to Centurion Invest and having them join the ecosystem, individuals can receive referral bonuses in the form of $CIX tokens.
  • Airdrops: Centurion Invest may conduct airdrops, distributing free $CIX tokens to eligible participants. These airdrops can be a way to reward and engage with the community.
  • Staking Rewards: Users who stake their $CIX tokens within the ecosystem can earn staking rewards. The annual percentage rate (APR) for staking can reach up to 80%, providing an incentive for token holders to participate in securing the network.
  • Trading Fee Reductions: When using $CIX for trading activities on the CI Exchange platform, users can enjoy reduced trading fees. The extent of fee reductions can vary but may reach up to 25%, potentially saving users on transaction costs.
  • Priority Launchpad Access: $CIX token holders may receive priority access to Centurion Invest's Launchpad platform. This grants them early access to new token offerings or projects within the ecosystem.
  • CIX Card Cashbacks: Users who hold and spend $CIX through the CIX Crypto VISA Card can receive cashback rewards. This incentivizes the use of the card and provides additional benefits for using $CIX in real-world transactions.
  • Merchant Rebates: Centurion Invest may offer merchant rebates to users who transact with $CIX at participating merchants. These rebates can provide additional savings or benefits when using $CIX for purchases.
  • Visa Crypto Global Card: $CIX token holders may have the opportunity to access the Centurion Invest's Visa crypto global card. This card allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies anywhere that accepts Visa cards, providing convenience and utility for digital asset holders.

These perks and benefits associated with $CIX aim to incentivize the use and adoption of the token within the Centurion Invest ecosystem, fostering engagement and creating additional value for token holders.

3. What parts does the project ecosystem include?

The Centurion Invest ecosystem consists of a vast catalog of products. 

  • CI Exchange - Trade anywhere anytime
  • CIX Global Crypto VISA Card - Inclusive & borderless solution
  • CI360 - Grow your payment acceptance through blockchain technology.
  • CI Academy - Learn the Basics of Blockchain.
  • CI Labs - Bootstrap, Incubate, accelerate your Project.
  • CI Earn - Generate Passive income with Daily payout.
  • CI Pay - Send, receive, pay & get paid Instantly around the world.
  • CI Magnet - Monetize your Network & Become a Digital asset specialist.
  • CIX Token - Utility payment token at the heart of the ecosystem.

The Centurion Invest ecosystem offers a diverse range of products and services designed to cater to various aspects of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Centurion Invest ecosystem aims to provide a comprehensive suite of products and services to empower individuals and businesses in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Whether it's trading, payments, education, or project support, Centurion Invest offers a range of tools to cater to different needs within the ecosystem. Here's a brief description of each product within the ecosystem:

·    CI Exchange: A platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies anytime and anywhere. It provides a user-friendly interface and advanced trading features to facilitate digital asset trading.

·    CIX Global Crypto VISA Card: A borderless solution that enables users to spend their selected digital asset globally. The VISA card allows for convenient and secure transactions, making it easier to utilize digital assets in everyday life.

·    CI360: A payment acceptance solution leveraging blockchain technology. It offers businesses the opportunity to expand their payment acceptance capabilities and benefit from the efficiency and security provided by blockchain.

·    CI Pay: A solution that enables instant, seamless, and global peer-to-peer transactions. Users can send, receive, pay, and get paid using cryptocurrencies, simplifying cross-border transactions.

·    CI Magnet: A program designed to help users monetize their network and become specialists in digital assets. It provides incentives and rewards for referring new users to the Centurion Invest ecosystem.

·    CIX Token: The utility payment token at the center of the Centurion Invest ecosystem. The CIX token is used within the platform for various purposes, such as accessing exclusive benefits, enjoying discounts, participating in staking, and more.

·    CI Earn: A product that allows users to generate passive income through daily payouts. It offers opportunities for users to earn rewards or returns by participating in staking, lending, or other investment activities.

·    CI Academy: An educational platform focused on blockchain basics. It provides resources and courses to help individuals learn about the fundamentals of blockchain technology and its various applications.

·    CI Labs: A platform that supports startups  and projects in the blockchain space. It offers resources, mentorship, and guidance to help bootstrap, incubate, and accelerate innovative projects.

4. The token economics (distribution):







Decimals: 18

20%: Founder

6%: Board Members

6%: Management Team

4%: Employees:

1%: Airdrops

1%: Client Inventive & Loyalty

4,75%: Reserve

6,25%: Bonus Reserve

8%: First Phase: Pre sale (October)

10%: Second Phase: Private sale (Nov-Dec) 

18%: Third Phase: Public sale (25/05/22 - 31/08/22)

15%: Ecosystem